What people are saying..

He is the Man with the healing hands, I have had the massage Therapies around the world, but I feel that I am at the hands of the best Masseur, when Mr. Abdul is doing Massage for me..it is not only relaxing and rejuvenating, also one can feel certain warmth, which says he has got the hands of a Healer. This is my very personal prospective of Abdul.

Nina Reddy ( Executive Director of Savera hotels)

His nature, manners, energy are exemplary. I often tend to think about him, when i think of personal and professional growth of mine as well as others.He has done very well for himself. His interest in massage has earned him Knowledge, Magic hands,Fantastic clientle,Long lasting friends, Very good workforce and a Happy employer. I would sincerely recommend Abdul to anyone who is looking for a Great Massage session. The speciality with him is his Variety. Well! be nice to yourself meet Abdul asap….you will know for yourself

Venkat (Yoga Guru / Physiotherapist)

I have had massages in India for 10 years,but my massage in Savera today was exordinery in my life time, because Sameer “had it”,exactly words,it was not that he knew the techniques,but he understood the underlying acutance connections, so thathe did made sense, I have to appreciate Mr.Abdul who made him as a Therapist.Many Thanks.

Dr.Louis. Chicago, U.S.A Physician / Professor

If you are only looking for a moment of relaxation, most massage places will satisfy. If you want relief for the body part that hurts the most, you need the expert masseurs at AIMS. Abdul has personally trained all of them. They have the general knowledge of the muscles and pressure points of an Osteopath and of the lines of energy in your body known to an acupuncturist.

Choreographer Ramji /Cine Star Mr. Aakash Choreographer /Cine Star

I am an expert not only in making movies, receiving massages also. In my profession always I give best movies, same I want to have the best. So no compromise on health because healthy body and mind is my investment. I have taken massage Therapies all over the world. So easily I can find out by the first touch itself how the masseurs! expert or not.,. I found Abdul is the best in the world to make me healthy. Ever finish my shooting, immediately I seek my Therapist Mr. Abdul and his team, to rid of my horrible body ache and get back my peace of mind. Always I feel new born whenever I get done my massages from Aim Spas

N.Lingusamy Cine Director/producer

I am Francis, an active person as well as a full time Software Professional working with Cognizant Technologies. Needless to say, I do put my body through a lot of stress, both in professional and personal front. I never realized how much I could benefit from massage until I met Abdul Samad. I don’t have words to express my gratitude and thanks for the fabulous massage given by Abdul, which in turn relieved much pain and tension I had in my body. Friendly and passionate deep tissue massage given by Abdul had significantly reduced the degree of pain, allowing greater freedom of movement and increased blood flow within the body. For me, Abdul seemed to be the happiest person to answer and to explain the type of massages he does and how it benefits me. And at last but not least, Abdul is very professional, jovial and service-minded friend.

Francis Marinus (Chennai, India - Senior Associate, Projects Cognizant Technologies)

Knowing I was returning to Chennai, I searched the internet for Thai massage. I found Abdul’s advertisement and mobile phone number in Chennai. His brand of Thai massage has been adapted from what you’d find in Bangkok or Chang Mai. Familiar parts are there, but there is a greater emphasis on the pressure points he has found customers want. I’ve also enjoyed the 2 hour deep tissue massage and look forward to having Reflexology which has been very favorably reviewed by the Hindu, the local paper with the biggest circulation. Each massage at AIMS will bear his personal stamp as he has trained all the masseurs. You’ll find his staff to be quiet if you want to drift into dreamlike sleep or conversant if you prefer. Quiet works for me. If your stay is short you can incorporate the massage into a regimen of diet and exercise, your muscles and internal organs will thank you for taking good care of them.

Mr. Ronald U.S.A

For massages Abdul and his Therapists never put Powder or normal oils, only sincerity and dedication

R.Partheepan Cine star / director

After years of total humiliation because of my struggle with digestive problem and premature ejaculation, I was so desperate to find something to help me. I could no longer face the embarrassment, and the disappointment. Though heard about many medicines over net; was scared to intake those due to its known side effects. A great glimpse of miracle worked out in my life, when I came to know from other friends who had benefitted from Abdul’s premature treatment. Frank enough, I never trusted Abdul’s words when I conversed with him on the first day of treatment. As days passed, I felt tremendous changes in my organs during the course of treatment. On completion of the treatment, I felt that I was born again to live a life full of only joy and happiness. For me, it is a miracle God had done in my life through Abdul. I express my heartfelt thanks to Abdul for his sincere service towards his treatment and for having got back my precious life to live.

Raj Chennai, India. Coancis

I do exercise and meditation on my own. Regular massages at AIMS spa provide an extra assist in removing toxins from my systems with no effort on my part – just relaxing and letting any one of the masseurs he has trained do all the work and you’ll be feeling great. Abdul wants you to be satisfied with your massage. Unlike some hotel massage facilities that rely of ad hoc masseurs trained who knows where, AIMS provides consistent quality. You will be refreshed no matter which massage you choose — try them all!!

Saif al Saif (Dubai)