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Aim Spas & Academy have a long tradition of hospitality, professionalism and excellence, however this reputation is only as good as each one of our staff. We believe that our single most important asset is our employees, so at Aim Spas & Academy we strive to help our staff develop and grow with the company.

 We recognise that finding the right employer can be a very daunting and time consuming task, but finding the right company for you is a vital step on the road to a rewarding career and a bright future.

 Within our portfolio of premium Spa properties there are a number of exciting career opportunities ideal for those who want to extend themselves and their careers.

If you are interested in more information about career or training opportunities within Aim Spas & Academy, or wish to apply for a particular position, please send us an updated copy of your CV with full size photograph with a short cover letter explaining your motivation to join our industry to:

Application Form

First name
Last name
Contact Number
Education Qualification
Additional info

Thank you for your time and interest in and we hope that we may one day, have the opportunity to welcome you to our experts team!